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Russian Language and Literature

General Informations

The purpose of our department, which started to recruit students in 2012; to train experts in the field of Russian Language and Literature. In addition, in the recent years, to meet the increasing need of Russian Language and Literature teachers in tourism vocational high schools, to train translators, to translate in archives and to meet the need for staff to work in the increasing tourism sector in our country.
Graduates of the program will be given a bachelor's degree in Russian Language and Literature. These students will be able to work as teachers of Russian Language Literature in private education institutions in high schools within the Ministry of National Education. They will also be able to work in state archives, journalism and work in the tourism industry.
It is aimed that the department program will be a program that can keep up with the technological innovations brought by the era and progress in parallel with the education programs abroad. Also according to the requirements of the era, as well as other universities in Turkey renews itself, producing, within the production process, which is a program of academic studies alongside it.
Our department, which has 6 academic member and 2 research assistants, is one of the most preferred departments of our faculty.

Head of Department