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General Informations

Physics Department was established along with six departments as part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, by the relevant higher education law, namely Atomic and Molecular Physics, General Physics, Solid State Physics, Mathematical Physics, Nuclear Physics, High Energy and Plasma Physics.

The Physics Department service building, located in the new campus of Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University, is planned to serve students and researchers with the best opportunities, and the classroom, laboratory and reading rooms are equipped with new technologies such as computers, internet networks and projectors.

Students of the Department of Physics, who have gained basic physics knowledge supported by laboratory experiments in the first year, from the beginning of the second year onwards, can select courses such as modern physics, atomic physics, quantum physics, nuclear physics and solid state physics, as well as renewable energy sources, photonics, biomechanics, and nanophysics.

Students who successfully complete the undergraduate program can continue their postgraduate studies in the same program or other suitable programs fulfilled by their requirements.