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General Informations

Biology Science, which is the first priority of research support programs, which is one of the basic branches of science, is divided into many branches in itself, as it has a wide range of research. Molecular Biology, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Histology, Physiology, Embryology etc; Biology Department, which operates in the fields of advanced research, is a department that works on the development and application of new methods by using today's technologies in order to provide solutions to the problems of the age in their own fields. A large part of the work done by the department is to be transferred to the application. In addition, joint studies have started to be carried out in order to put the findings obtained in basic sciences into practice and to bring them into the national economy. In particular, an important step has been taken in transferring the results to the application with the studies carried out with the branches of Biotechnology, Agriculture, Physics and Chemistry. With this type of work, Biology Department has gained an important place for itself, collaborating with many disciplines and contributing to these disciplines and national economy with its experience. Biology department graduates Biology department graduates receive the title of "Biologist" and Biologists have the opportunity to work in a wide range and to find a job.

Biologists can take the specialty examination in medicine (TUS) so that they can specialize in various fields in the Medical Sector, and can conduct advanced studies and research in this field.

They can apply to the academic staff of the universities.

Can work in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Analysis laboratories of hospitals and private institutions,

They can work as researchers, experts or managers in R&D departments in the Pharmaceutical-Food-Agriculture sectors. He can work as a manager in the factories in these areas or as a marketing manager-sales manager or manager in the marketing-sales department or as a researcher in the R&D department and as an expert in the quality-control department.

Biotechnology Institutes can do R&D and be employed both as experts and managers.

They can perform interdisciplinary studies in order to investigate and develop designs of advanced products produced with nanoscale studies by combining basic sciences such as chemistry-biology-physics in the nanotechnology sector.

They can work in companies operating in the Cosmetics Sector, they can be employed in organizations related to Forensic Medicine, IVF.


To train biologists who have the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing, and who are ready to participate professionally in a responsible, productive and scientific community.


To provide students with professional skills and competence by using exemplary and innovative teaching methods in lessons and to prepare students for lifelong learning about the contribution of biology to technology and society.


The aim of the Department of Biology is to train researchers, qualified, confident, equipped with modern knowledge, and who support the principles and reforms of Ataturk.

Head of Department