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Computer programming
The main aim of Computer Programming is to develop the methods and techniques required for the functional use of computer and other educational technology products required by educational institutions, and to train individuals who want to work in these institutions.
Today, both the scope of information and technological developments are changing and spreading rapidly. These formations naturally affect the teaching and learning styles. From the preparation of teaching materials to the presentation and evaluation process, the indispensability of technology, especially computer-based technologies, pushes educators to search for new theories and ways of implementation. Thus, Instructional and Learning Technologies started to form its existence as a science with the development of technology. In recent years, with the development of multimedia technologies and web technologies, it has gained more importance.
Students who will graduate from the program receive their 2-year education; Ataturk's Principles and History of Turkish Revolution, Turkish Language, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Programming Basics, Graphics and Animation, Office Software, Software Installation and Management, Fundamentals of Web Design, Computer Hardware, Database, Web Editor, Software Architectures, Communication, Industry Based Education They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills related to the use of technology in many different environments such as Internet Programming, Object Based Programming, Visual Programming, Open Source Operating System, Business Management, Professional Ethics, Network Fundamentals, Database and Management, Research Methods and Techniques. Therefore ICT training staff will be needed in the future and Turkey is taken into consideration will fill the gap.
Both trained manpower requirements to be felt in various countries of the world and the increasing importance both in Turkey to Go Computer Technology and distance education. This program aims to conduct scientific research and research on the use, development, dissemination and distance education of computer-based technologies in learning-teaching processes, to develop products and to train the necessary manpower.
The program ensures its suitability, integrity and continuity with vocational high schools without a test. In addition, the credits of the courses within the scope of IKMEP were developed by restructuring according to ECTS and Bologna process criteria and the course contents were redesigned.