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Turkish Language and Literature

General Informations

Mission and Vision

The Department of Turkish Language and Literature is the scientific research area of a fine art activity that examines and makes sense of the past-present-future line of the “human” reality at its center, shows the stages, illuminates the stages, positions, introduces and prepares.

Turkish language and literature contain rich content that is developing at the moment, which was formed thousands of years ago with the temperament, sensitivity and close attention of our people, with the effect of social, political and military events; It requires researches in five disciplines under the names of Modern Turkish Language, Old Turkish Language, Modern Turkish Literature, Classic Turkish Literature and Turkish Folk Literature. In this context, it is aimed to ensure that our language can be taught and used flawlessly, that our cultural history and folkloric elements are kept alive and transferred to generations, while the poet, writer, thinker and literary works are understood, while the aesthetic pleasure / admiration is brought to spiritual saturation. The aim is to raise individuals who have strong ties with collective memory, can hear sounds from all units of civilization history, develop an attitude, be conscious, feel / feel, realize / realize, value bearers.

Students who graduate from our department with 7 faculty members and 7 research assistants with the title of “Turcologist”, have the right to be an academician if they continue their education in public schools or private institutions, to work in ministries, media and archives, and to continue their postgraduate education.

Head of Department