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General Informations

History is the discipline that examines the processes of change and transformation that the natural and social environment, innovations, wars, struggles in which people live over time. Taking lessons from the changes and transformations that occurred in the past and the ability of new generations to survive in a more productive environment depends on a good reading and interpretation of History. These elements should be well studied and evaluated as phenomena that foster the science of history on social benefits; The Historical development of language and culture; relations with foreign cultures; the fate unity, in which people living in the same geography enter, in order to qualify as the homeland of the conquered places; feelings of unity and solidarity from the same historical past. History, which has a wide research area due to these features, is divided into many disciplines in itself: Ancient History, Medieval History, New Age History, Contemporary History and History of the Republic of Turkey. History is also a science that cooperates with the sciences such as Geography, Economy, Sociology, Philosophy, Literature, and Political Science and makes significant contributions to these sciences and literature with their experience.

Job Oppurtunities

Students who will graduate can get postgraduate educations after graduation and have the chance to find jobs in various government institutions, especially in archives and libraries. In addition, students who have received a pedagogical formation certificate can be history teacher at schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education.

Mission and Vision

It is the mission of our department to raise individuals with a history perspective, respect for scientific ethics, think universally, and have the ability and methodology to conduct academic research.

Our department's vision is to train people who can use modern technologies and have the knowledge required by their field and also loyal to Republic of Turkey's national and spiritual values.

Head of Department