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General Informations


The Department of Philosophy is one of the departments within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It was established in 2013 in order to educate individuals who will contribute to the intellectual life and have scientific mentality and research ability in line with the general objectives of Higher Education.

Mission and Vision

The primary goal of the Department of Philosophy is to instill the love of knowledge and wisdom as a philosophical ideal for students. In order to realize this ideal, a critical thinking must be developed and strengthened. Being aware of this imperative, our department aims to introduce students to the concept of truth while planning to show them, directly, with the help of the texts produced by philosophers, that different approaches are possible and probable for the construction of that concept. One of the main visions of the department is to provide students with an experience showing that philosophy is not just a pure and abstract conceptual analysis. Students will be constantly encouraged to discuss the main areas of philosophical discussion such as knowledge, morality, religion, politics, law, education, and art through a set of principles that can be directly derived from life. Having students to comprehend the indispensability of respect for different ideas and thoughts, and to take cultural and cognitive differences into account are among the factors considered by the program to be followed in our department. It is obvious that paradigms, together with the new philosophical questions and answers emerging within the transformation of life, cannot get rid of being subjected to constant change most of the time. In order to enable students to adapt to global transformations effectively, incentives, support and guidance necessary for them to acquire the competencies envisaged in the curriculum of the department and to increase their own personal competence (for example, to have at least one foreign language proficiency) will be provided.

Head of Department