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General Informations

The Department of Sociology aims to train students who know how to understand and explain social reality in the light of scientific data. For this purpose, the students are thought the basic approach of sociology, sociology of contemporary thinking about the social structure of Turkey. It aims to train sociologists for research by providing students with both theoretical and practical equipment in the field of sociology. When creating our department courses, our department has taken into consideration the needs of our academic infrastructure of the region by studying the undergraduate programs of the Departments of Sociology of the leading universities both in Turkey and abroad.

Graduates of the Department of Sociology can be employed in public institutions as well as in the private sector. They can work especially in the Child Restoration Houses, prisons, nurseries, nursing homes in need of care; Turkey Statistical Institute, State Planning Organization, family counseling centers, chambers of industry, trade unions and similar organizations as sociologists, expert researchers or officers as well as teachers in the secondary schools.


AİÇÜ Department of Sociology has the ability to understand and explain social reality with scientific data; aiming to educate researchers and sociologists who question. It educates scientists who are open to interdisciplinary cooperation and able to find solutions by addressing the basic human problems of our country and humanity within the framework of social sciences. In this context, our mission is to contribute scientifically to the development of social, cultural, political and economic policies for the detection and solution of social problems.


Auguste Comte, one of the founders of the science of sociology, suggested that social reality is the most complex form of reality, and the most appropriate tool to grasp this form of reality in all aspects is the science of sociology. Today, the opportunities offered by the discipline of sociology are indispensable for understanding and transforming the social reality that can change rapidly depending on time and place. Therefore, our vision is to advance scientific knowledge and understanding towards the creation and maintenance of a fair, peaceful, prosperous and safe world for all.