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Molecular Biology and Genetics

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The Message of the Head of Department

Molecular Biology and Genetics is a branch of science that studies the vital and hereditary activities in revealing the biological processes in all living things at the molecular level. In recent years, the basic principles of biological information have become clear with the emergence of information about genome-scale data. In line with this information, Molecular Biology and Genetics provides unprecedented opportunities in the struggle against medical, agricultural and environmental problems. Our Molecular Biology and Genetics department, which wish to contribute to the solution of these problems, conducts numerous scientific studies in the fields of bioinformatics, genetics, genomics, molecular microbiology, cell biology, biochemistry with its qualified academic staff. Studies on molecular biology and genetics guide multidisciplinary studies with many fields such as medicine, agriculture, food, biomedical, ohmic technologies (genomics, proteomics, etc.) and criminology. Molecular Biology and Genetics Department of Science and Letters Faculty of Agri Ibrahim Cecen University, has been following the scientific developments related to these fields with great excitement and aims to offer our valuable students more opportunities by working with great excitement to outperform our country in the field of molecular biology and genetics.


Molecular Biology and Genetics Department was opened within the body of Agri Ibrahim Cecen University Science and Letters Faculty with the decision of the Higher Education Council dated 17.05.2016 and numbered 30550 and was started its studies by accepting its first students in the 2018-2019 academic year.


Our main mission is to train enterprising Molecular Biologists who have the necessary knowledge and equipment in the fields of Molecular Biology and Genetics, who can follow the developments in the world of science, who can produce ideas for the solution of the problems in the fields of health, food, agriculture and medicine at the local national and international level, who have independent power of thinking, can put theoretical knowledge into practice, have high self-confidence, and raise our country to better levels in this field.


Our department, with its studies in Molecular Biology and Genetics, aims to be a department that can produce solutions to the problems of the age, have graduates who have scientific understanding, respect ethical values, and are recognized in the region.

Head of Department