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General Information

The major aim of Local Administration Programme is to raise executive candidates who know the basic principles, strategies, and techniques of modern local administration, and who have the skills of analytical thinking, problem solving, and decision making; and to provide qualified personnel for public institutions (especially for public administrations) and for private sector institutions. On the other hand, it aims to provide solutions for administrative problems of the region, and to give an opportunity in education for the young people in the region. It aims to raise , especially for the local government (Provincial Special Administrations, Municipalities), intermediate staff, low and mid-level executives who have studied politics, law, public administration, urbanization, and environmental issues, who have the theoretical knowledge that is required by the administration approach that will serve at various levels of local administrations and state sector, and who are able to transfer this knowledge into application. Also, it aims to raise the ones who can provide service at this issue for local government to work more actively and productively. There is a need for a qualified education and training for such an issue that is always debated and searched for a solution. To meet this need, Local Administration Programme is provided in our university. The opportunities that the programme offers, and the System of Education Local Administration Programme are established with the goal of supporting the formation of administrations which are democratic, transparent and participant, and giving education and training to provide the presentation of public service effectively and accelerating the regional developments by institutionalising local administration and decentralization at a national level, and it provides courses such as urbanization, politics, local administration, public finance as well as the courses like basic economy, law, accounting, business, foreign language, and computer. While the theoretical and current issues are studied together in the courses which are completed in computer labs and the classrooms which have projection, this education is supported as a practice in the internships which are applied in municipalities, provincial special administrations, governorships, and district governorships. The seminars which are given by senior executives and experts of local public enterprises, and the visits to those institutions help students to improve in their subjects. The outcomes of the programme and the undergraduate program which have the property of vertical transfer draw attention to move further for the decentralization units, and the program which enables local administrations to become a well-deserved place in our country seems as a unit in which public administrators are raised as well. The ones who assume the title of “Local Government/Local Administration Member of Profession” are able to work as the nearest assistants of top managers of local administrations, and they are able to conduct the decisions taken. Career advancement depends on the individual’s success and experience. They can be junior administrative officer and middle level manager in the organizations where they work, and they can have the positions like chieftaincy and headship in various units. We can list the outcomes of the programme as: to be interested in social sciences, to have the ability of expressing thoughts in a written way, to not get bored doing the similar works, to have the ability of being a researcher and the habit of producing solutions, to be successful in social relations, to have leadership abilities and to be able to work as a team, to be kind and smiling, to have knowledge in public relations, administrative science, and personnel management areas, to be practised and well-educated in local administrations, to transfer the knowledge gained to the business life, to be able to use computer and Internet effectively in office services. Local Administration Programme raise qualified individuals as members of profession with the course contents that are prepared aiming to provide those properties for students. The ones who complete Local Administration associate degree program successfully can get the access for 4-year departments in universities if they have the success in Vertical Transfer Examination that is carried out by OSYM. The undergraduate programs in which vertical transfer can be done: Public Administration, Political Sciences, and the areas in which the graduates of Political Sciences and Public Administration work. The graduates of local administration program can be assigned in all levels of managements in the departments of public institutions and increasingly private sector institutions such as general management, personnel management, and research and development. The graduates of the program have the formation to work in all levels of local administration except for some services as a result of their education. Generally, they participate in municipalities, governorships, provincial special administrations, district governorships, and the institutions that are connected to those. They get paid according to State Personnel Law when they start working in local government institutions and subsidiary institutions. The issue of giving more authority and responsibility to local administrations and increasing their activity is on the agenda in our country, and qualified and leading expert is going to be obtained with the help of this program.