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General İnformation

The aim of the program is to train professional staff who can provide qualified and professional care services to the elderly population, which is increasing day by day in our country. In the program, it is aimed to educate the basic principles, processes and management of the institutions that provide services in the field of elderly care, to establish an effective and efficient communication with the elderly, to raise the quality of life of the elderly, to train the human resources that have adopted the necessary knowledge, skills and values in the care service of the elderly.

At the same time, as in the all of the world, the elderly prefer to live in their own homes in our country, but they cannot find employees to provide home care services and trust.

For this reason, it is aimed to train personnel with high awareness and who can provide qualified and professional care services.

The aim of this program is to offer distance learning opportunities to those who are already working in the field of aged care but want to document their expertise or who want to specialize in this field.


TİTLE GİVEN TO GRADUATES: Students who successfully complete the program are given the title of "Associate Degree Diploma" and "Aged Care Technician".

EDUCATION TYPE: Full-time formal education is provided.

SECTIONS THAT CAN BE PREFERRED WITH DIRECT PASS SYSTEM: Students who complete the program are offered the opportunity to switch to Nutrition and Dietetics, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Gerontology, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services departments according to the score they received from DGS.

JOB OPPORTUNİTİES: Graduates who have successfully completed the Aged Care Associate Program can work in the management and management of the center in the geriatric units of the hospitals, Nursing Homes, Aged Care and Rehabilitation Centers, Aged Care Houses, Day Care and Special Care Centers. They can also be employed by those who want to receive aged care services specially and individually. Apart from these, it is possible for graduates to be employed as assistant service personnel in any institution.