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Tulip and Drop with Axıs of Wav Letter

The letter of Wav represents humility, prostration, a good news and a bridge between beginning and final. Wav is a conjunction which symbolizes educators’ bringing the science and students together.

         The tulip expresses purity, sincerity and clarity. Tulips with open leaves facing upwards; It is the determination of the course of the mind’s and the soul's satisfaction, which take their sources from accurate information.

The drop represents pure water from eternity, mercy and knowledge.

The blue color means infinity, inner peace, spaciousness of belief and farsightednessof those who deal with science.

The red color; it represents martyrdom and Turkish flag.

In brief, tulip with the letter of wav, represents a person who sets his eyes on the horizon. The drop represents the knowledge and science. The place where the two meet is the Faculty of Islamic Sciences.