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Dean's Message

Our faculty started to receive students for the first time in the 2012-2013 academic year. It is one of more than a hundred higher institutions providing higher religious education in Turkey.

The Faculty is trying hard to quickly complete the need for specialist teaching, administrative and assistant staff in order to reach the quality goals in undergraduate education in line with its physical capacity as well as socio-cultural opportunities in the attractive and prosperous green campus of our university, as well as, it is working to diversify teaching staff by employing professors from well-established universities such as Atatürk and Istanbul universities, taking advantage of distance learning methods, which are applied worldly in universities during the Covid-19 pandemic process.

Our faculty is located in Agri, the sweet border city of beautiful Anatolia. Through quality education and training activities It has adopted as the main mission educating and graduating individuals, who always keep the benefit of society above personal interestsmorally and have the cognitive and cultural underground that will meet the needs,being supplied with professional knowledge and skills, improving their interests and abilities and acquiring free and scientific thoughtethics and encompassing perspective.Our faculty has adopted as a fundamental mission to graduate individuals healthy and stable in terms of body and soul, warm-hearted, virtuous andfreethinking with good personality. As a part of this mission it aims to produce scientific accurate knowledge in the field of religious sciences, that will contribute to the solution of current religious issues as well as contribute to universal development by sharing information with the outside world as an elite member of the scientific world. In short, on the axis in our faculty’s religious educationis "love and peace", not "hatred and hate".

without deviating from this main target, we as academic, administrative and assistant staff and students, considera national and religious taskmaking extraordinary efforts in order to manage to reach the goal of raising professional theologians, who learn Islam with objective methods and have accurate knowledge to guide the society in religious-moral values and services, to explore the possibility of our livingtogether despite differences, and to carry out scientific researches for these purposes.

With these wishes, I offer my deepest sympathy and respect to all our teaching, administrative and assistant staff and you, dear students.

Yours sincerely

Professor Dr. ADEM YERİNDE