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Kindergarten Students Meet Ebru Art

The 5-Year-Olds Visiting Our University Met With Ebru Art
Kindergarten students who visited our university had the opportunity to make marbling with the brushes they received for the first time in their lives.

45 students from Seyit Ali Onbaşı Kindergarten participated in the art studies at the Vocational School under the guidance of their teachers.

Instructor from Vocational School Handcrafts Department. See. Bilal HANO, Inst. See. Fatih AKTI and Inst. See. M. Cüneyt TAŞIR, who met the marbling art with the second grade students from the same department, created colorful patterns on the water with Us and Brushes. Their works were given to the children who had the opportunity to get to know the marbling art, which was made by passing the patterns created with specially prepared paints on paper, on water condensed with the kit, and having the opportunity to get to know the art of marbling.

The little ones, who had the opportunity to see the computer labs, painting workshops and marbling classes closely with the authorities, experienced a colorful day and met the art of marbling.