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English Language and Literature

Writing Centre

İDE Writing Centre primarily aims to help the students of the Department of English Language and Literature improve their writing skill through one-on-one consultations. It provides support on general writing skills.

What do we do?

  • We offer advice on academic writing conventions such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, paragraph and sentence structure.
  • We also provide feedback on the overall organization of the students’ departmental writing assignments (e.g. papers, essays, and projects) in terms of language structure, clarity, format, lexical and grammatical accuracy i.e. anything related to language skills and organization.

We can . . .

  • facilitate the learners’ English learning process through one-on-one tutorials.
  • help with grammar, but do not correct or ‘fix’ papers.
  • work only with writers and their texts (do not bring a friend’s paper).

We do not . . .

  • write papers for students.
  • proofread papers (i.e., correct all errors).

How does it work?

To make a consultation appointment, students must send an e-mail to idewc@agri.edu.tr which clearly states the date and the time of the appointment.


Dear Writing Center,

My name is ___________________________________. I would like to have an appointment on DD/MM/YY ______ (day/month/year)_______ at _________ o’clock. Kind regards.

  • When the students receive a confirmation e-mail, they can visit the centre.
  • Each appointment takes up to 15 mins.

Appointments will be on Thursday between 13.30-16:00.

Contact: idewc@agri.edu.tr