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Strategy Development Department

The duties and The responsibilities

The duties of our Strategy Development Department according to the Regulation on Working Procedures and Principles of Strategy Development Units published in the Official Gazette No. 26084 dated 18.02.2006;

1.To determine the medium and long term strategies and policies of the administration within the framework of the national development strategies and policies, the annual program and the government program, to carry out the necessary studies to establish their goals,
2. To develop performance and quality criteria for the subjects falling within the scope of the administration and to fulfill other duties to be assigned within this scope,
Gathering, analyzing and interpreting information and data related to the management of the administration, development of services and performance,
3. To examine the external factors that will affect the services, to make internal capacity research, to analyze the effectiveness and satisfaction level of the services and to conduct general research on the subjects falling under the administration's mandate,
4. To perform services related to management information systems,
5. To carry out the secretariat services of the Strategy Development Board, if established in the administration,
6. To coordinate the preparation of the strategic plan and performance program of the administration and to carry out the works for consolidating its results,
7. Preparing the administrative budget including the budget estimates of the following two years in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance program, and monitoring and evaluating the compliance of the administrative activities with them,
8. To prepare a detailed spending program within the framework of the budget principles and principles to be determined in accordance with the legislation and to ensure that the appropriation is sent to the relevant units by considering the service requirements,
9. Keeping budget records, collecting and evaluating data on budget implementation results and preparing budget final account and financial statistics,
10. To accrue administrative revenues within the framework of related legislation, to carry out follow-up and collection transactions of revenues and receivables,
11. Carrying out accounting services in administrations outside the scope of the general budget,
12. To prepare the activity report of the administration based on the activity reports prepared by the spending units,
13. To arrange summary charts for movable and immovable properties that are owned or used by the administration,
14. Coordinating the preparation of the investment program of the administration, monitoring the implementation results and preparing the annual investment evaluation report,
15. To carry out and finalize the financial affairs and transactions of the administration that must be followed by other administrations,
16. To provide necessary information and consultancy to the top manager and expenditure officers on the implementation of other legislation related to financial laws,
17. Carrying out preliminary financial control activity,
18. To work on the establishment of the internal control system, implementation and development of standards; to make the necessary preparations to increase the efficiency and efficiency of the senior management's internal audit function.

Our responsibilities
Our Agency is responsible for the execution of all kinds of Financial Services and Strategic Management and Planning, Performance and Quality Criteria Development and Management Information System functions of the institution, and it is responsible for Strategic Management and Planning, Accounting-Final Account and Reporting, Budget and Performance, Internal Control, Documents and Support. It performs with its Services and Projects Branches.