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English Language and Literature

General Information

Our undergraduate program, which started to admit students in the 2020-2021 academic year within the Faculty of Science and Letters, lasts 5 years in total, including preparatory education. The curriculum of our program, taught by academics with international education and experience, includes courses such as English Literature, English Linguistics, English Language Teaching, English Culture, American Culture and Literature, translation, and literary theory.

Our Bachelor of  Arts program in English Language and Literature is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of literature as well as specialized courses in the field. These courses cover the primal genres and periods of English literature. Textual analysis and criticism constitute an important part of the courses. Our program aims to provide students with the necessary equipment to understand the richness and depths of the English language and literature and aims to educate students as individuals who have the ability to think critically, have analytical skills, and are sensitive to cultural differences. Aiming to understand the value of different perspectives and to develop the ability to comprehend them, our department offers students the opportunity to travel through time and place with literary works, to visualize and experience their own thoughts, and realize their full potential. In this framework, our focus is to educate individuals who understand the power of the English language and literature, who appreciate the cultural richness, and who have global communication skills that are highly in demand in today's business world.

Our graduates have a wide range of career opportunities including but not limited to teaching in public schools and private institutions, editing, writing, and translation in press houses, copywriting, advertising, and film production in the media and press sector, management in tourism, banking and trade sectors, officials and diplomats in embassies and consulates, and academics upon their postgraduate education.

Head of ELL Department