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Foundation and goal

Agri Ibrahim Cecen University Technology Transfer Office Application and Research Center (TTO) founded in 2019 carries out some activities for the development of our region. These activities are as follows: the use of information produced by academic background in the business world, especially in industry, benefiting from national/international funding programs, turning the information into a commercial product, management of intellectual property and industrial rights and supporting entrepreneurship. 

TTO tries to meet the needs of the industry by ensuring the development of products with high quality, activating the potential of our region and contributing to the national development of our country with the help of the academic knowledge and new technologies in Agri Ibrahim Cecen University. The goal of TTO as having technology transfer mission in Agri Ibrahim Cecen University is transferring information to industry and its commercialization. 

In line with this goal, TTO has the following the units:

  •     Awareness, promotion, information and training services unit
  •     Grant programmes services unit
  •     Project development, management services and university-industry cooperation activities unit
  •     Management of intellectual property and industrial rights, and licensing services unit
  •     Incorporation and entrepreneurship services unit

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