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Faculty of Pharmacy

Mission & Vision


Our faculty defines its mission as to educate pharmacists who adhere to scientific principles, are productive, uphold societal ethical values; are sensitive to health issues of our region, country, and the world, work with a solution-oriented approach, adapt to changing conditions, have expectations for the future and are able to understand expectations from the future; have excellent interdisciplinary working skills; can effectively put theoretical knowledge into practice; embrace diversity as wealth; are self-confident and can blend this confidence with sacrifice and tolerance within teamwork; owns leadership and communication skills; can keep up with the level attained by technology and can derive benefits for themselves; have principled lifelong learning and self-renewal; have high environmental awareness; are at peace with themselves, think freely and can openly express their thoughts; possess a sense of responsibility and dedication to their profession; owning a thought infrastructure that puts human beings at the center; are devoted to their duty and professional ethics. 


To quickly reach globally accepted educational standards, successfully reflect the quality of education in the quality of its graduates, and to educate pioneering pharmacists in the social field and competent in professional fields as a faculty that is ready for scientific and professional competition at national and international levels, that understands health problems on a local and global scale, and can produce solutions for them.