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International Relations

Application Procedure

Agri Ibrahim Chechen University, Erasmus Program Learning and Internship mobility announcements have been published on the Turkish National Agency Erasmus Application Portal (https://erasmusbasvuru.ua.gov.tr).

Different announcements have been published for study mobility and internship mobility. Candidates are required to review the announcement of the type of announcement they will apply for and complete the following procedures. A deduction of -10 points will be applied to the total score of candidates who will apply for both mobility types (study and internship together).


1. The application printout to be taken from the Turkish National Agency Erasmus Application Portal (https://erasmusbasvuru.ua.gov.tr) (It must be submitted to the International Relations Unit by both study and internship mobility candidates until the application deadline). The documents requested by the system (https://erasmusbasvuru.ua.gov.tr) during the application process must be uploaded to the portal completely.

2. For internship mobility candidates (if available), a letter of acceptance or document for the internship (1 copy must be submitted to the International Relations Unit by the application deadline).

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the application preferences, the first university that appears on the screen should be selected. The preference list will be determined at the Erasmus orientation meeting with the winning candidates. The list of contracted universities can be found at: https://intoffice.agri.edu.tr/erasmus/partner-enstituler/

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can make your application after reading the relevant announcement of our university in the announcements tab (if the announcement cannot be seen, you can use the search section). You can complete your application process via the E-Government link on the advertisement. If encountered in the E-Government system, the "Individual" option must be selected.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applications made with incomplete documents and information without reading all of the advertisements will not be considered valid. Applications must be made on the application dates specified in the announcement. After the application period expires, the system will be closed for new applications.

EXAMINATION PLACE: School of Foreign Languages 1st Floor Classrooms. (Please have your ID cards with you.) (There is no make-up exam for the Erasmus mobility selection exam, please be at the exam place on time.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Undergraduate / associate degree students with a grade point average (GPA) below 2.20 in the 4-liter system and graduate students with a GPA below 2.50 will definitely not be able to apply.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The evaluation criteria and weighted scores to be used in the evaluation of study and internship mobility applications are as follows Academic achievement level: 50% and Language Examination: 50%

IMPORTANT NOTE: After the announcement of the results of the selection, an orientation meeting will be organized at the International Relations Unit to inform the students who have won Erasmus Mobility about the next processes. The date and location of the relevant meeting will be announced with the result announcement to be published on the homepage of our university.


Information can be requested in writing from the School of Foreign Languages for exam complaint/appeal processes. Objections regarding the exam results must be made within 2 (two) working days following the announcement of the exam results.

Complaints/appeals on other issues should be submitted in writing to the International Relations Office.

For Detailed Information and Document Submissions:

Agri Ibrahim Çeçen University, International Relations Office

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Ground Floor