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Frequently Asked Questions

Can graduate students in the thesis phase also benefit from the program?

Yes, they can.

Can Vocational School students benefit from the program?


Does the Farabi Exchange Program cover foundation universities?

Foundation universities are subject to all provisions of this program except the financial provisions.

Will public university students and faculty members be able to attend foundation universities?

Yes, they can. But students can go without a scholarship and faculty members can go without a stipend.

Can students benefit from the program by taking equivalent courses from different departments?

Yes. The application is subject to departmental approvals.

Is a qualification certificate required to apply for English programs? Can the destination university administer the exam?

A document showing the level of English is required. KPDS, ÜDS, or the language exam certificate of the universities themselves, etc.

Is it sufficient for departments to sign a protocol among themselves?

Departments or faculties are not authorized to sign protocols. Protocols can only be signed on behalf of institutions.