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International Relations

Erasmus Policy Statement

Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University (AICU) Erasmus Policy Statement


AICU provides a higher education that is targeting to have internal and external quality processes in accordance with national and international programs. AICU provides a peaceful academic atmosphere and enables to reach knowledge and technological opportunities for students. It is located in the Eastern part of Turkey and is in the process of being a multinational university. Hosting students from different languages, cultures and countries makes our university a multicultural one that aims to gather different life perspectives. Besides, being 154 kilometers away from Nakhichevan, our university offers a charming learning environment for Azerbaijani and Iranian students as well. All in all, considering each individual as a milestone for future; our university focuses on modern learning environment with creative methods, qualified training, and practice opportunities.

AICU that is founded on 28.06.2008 is a living area with a modern campus, with its rich green texture, technologically equipped buildings and sports facilities, which is capable of meeting of all the needs of the students. Our campus, built on 2000 acres, comes to the forefront with its green spaces, clean and well-kept surroundings, regular traffic and a safe environment.

AICU embarks on the EU Criteria and Internationalization Agenda for Higher Education Institutions. AICU accepts that significant economic, intellectual and cultural contribution to humanity can be reachable with a strong internationalism policy. AICU is committed to reach international excellence through qualified education process, inspirational teaching and multicultural learning environment.

AICU is not only interested in simply providing abroad mobility to students and academic staff, but also it enhances partner institution numbers to share its mission, learning environment and to contribute its partners. AICU provides scholarship opportunities to local and international students to promote mobility numbers and encourages diversity for mobility applications by prioritizing disadvantaged groups (e.g. handicapped applicants, migrant applicants, natural disaster victims, first-time applicants, non-granted departments, people with chronic diseases…). AICU targets to carry out given steps to enhance internationalization policy:

  • Increase numbers of exchanging teaching staff, students and agreement numbers to become a multicultural university.
  • Conduct joint scientific/research activities to achieve a qualified learning environment and to obtain mutual benefit for its future plans regarding scientific development.
  • Share bibliographic units, academic/research papers and administrative implementations with partner institutions to contribute scientific and institutional development.
  • Organize conferences, meetings and cultural events to enhance cooperation and share scientific accumulation.


As İbrahim Çeçen University of Ağrı, our basic aim is to expand and improve our international activities to create an exciting and international atmosphere. We aspire to raise students who have qualifications of global citizenship and provide a qualified learning environment.