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It aims to teach scientists who are scientifically sympathetic to country and world problems, contemporary, democratic, productive, producing solutions, adapting to changing conditions, having future goals, having teamwork leadership and communication skills, using communication and educational technologies, establishing relationships between different branches of science and their knowledge, who can apply to different fields, who are sympathetic to culture and art, perceiving diversity as richness, combining theory and practice, having self-confidence and tolerance, adopting lifelong learning and self-renewal as a principle, who are peaceful with themselves and their environment, who has a sense of dedication to their profession, as well as who can think critically and in a civilized manner.


The Faculty of Science and Letters, which is based on student-centered education in the light of universal science, employs a vision through its education system, research quality that is known nationally and internationally as well as being a candidate for internalization through its exchange programmes that seeks to bring solutions to the social and basic problems of the province, region and country, promoting teamwork and thereby scientific gains, that has a participatory and supportive management, respectful of universal  values and contributing to the country’s contemporary civilization level as well as constantly improving.