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Dean's Message

Dear Students,

Universities are institutions dedicated to constructing a culture of science that fosters free thinking, a critical perspective, and intellectual curiosity. As the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, we are committed to this mission, providing our services with an open approach to change, development, and innovation.

Our faculty consists of nine departments: Geography, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Russian Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Molecular Biology and Genetics. These departments collectively offer education to approximately 2,100 undergraduate students.

With our distinguished academic and administrative staff, technical infrastructure that can meet social and scientific needs, modern classrooms, and laboratories, our faculty offers students a high-quality education.

Our continuously evolving faculty, with its dynamic and experienced academic staff, aims to train the future leaders, researchers, academicians, and social scientists who can meet the needs of the business world by incorporating professional academic education into our strategic plans.

As the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, we congratulate all the students who have chosen and are receiving education at our faculty and wish them a successful future.

In this unique academic environment where science and love converge, we are delighted to welcome you among us.

Prof. Dr. Alperen KAYSERİLİ