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Ibrahim Çeçen (Ic) Foundation Scholarship Opportunities


1. To be citizen of Republic of Turkey,

2. Being deprived of financial means, needing financial support according to the assets and income status,

3. Being short cycle (Associate degree) or first cycle (Bachelor’s degree) student at Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University,

4. To complete requirements of academic years without any failed course.

5. Not to have taken disciplinary action for any reason during university education,

6. Not to work in any profitable business and not to have salary, wages or scholarships from another public or private institution, (except student loan),

7. To be studying in a higher education program for the first time.


1. Family income statement. (Approved salary payrolls of the working members of family / Farmers; officially approved farmer registration system document from relevant provincial agricultural directorate and certified document indicating the monthly agricultural income / Tradesmen; certified document showing the monthly income status from the relevant professional institution / Unemployment; official documents of neediness, indicating being unsalaried / Retired; the photocopy of retirement document and approved SGK retirement payroll).

2. Scholarship Application Form. (Will be filled in and printed out in virtual environment and the photo will be pasted).

3. For first-grade students; ÖSYM result document showing registered department, ÖSYM result document showing success ranking and university registration document.

4. Copy of civil registration certificate.

5. Transcript. (For intermediary grades).

6. Petition addressed to the IC Foundation.


1. Applications of scholarship beneficiary students from another institution will not be evaluated.

2. The applications of students whose documents are missing will not be evaluated.

3. Intermediary grades students who meet the requirements for scholarship will be evaluated with priority.

4. Applications should be submitted to the Health, Culture and Sports Department between 15-30 September every year.

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