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Celal Oruç was born on December 10, 1960 in Eleskirt district of Ağrı. He completed his primary and secondary education in Eleskirt and Erciş and he fulfilled high school education in Ağrı Naci Gökçe High School. In 1977, he reunited with his family who were living in Netherlands. In 1978-1980, he received electro-technical training at vocational high school level. He worked in Halal Food sector between 1980-1981. He operated a chain of restaurants until 1997. In 1996, he began to carry out commercial activities regarding distributor and operator services in Telecom industry. In the same years he made investments on real estate. He conducted social assistance and solidarity activities in Netherlands and Turkey. He gave scholarships for students in Turkey. He has conducted the deputy chairman mission of the Dutch Businessmen Association since 2009.

He founded Ortel Telekom in 1996 and sold this company to Royal Dutch Telecom in 2008. Currently, his corporation takes part in energy and finance Sector. He is the first foreign businessman to enter the list of 500 richest in Netherlands.

Construction costs of the buildings of School of Animal Husbandry are provided by the businessman Celal ORUÇ, who still lives in Netherlands.


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