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Abdolbari Goozel

Mr. Abdolbari GOOZEL was born in the city of Maku in Iran on 23 August 1949, then he moved to his grandmother’s place in Muş Province in Turkey.

He studied at primary school in Turkey between the years 1956-1961 and finished his secondary school in Iran between the years 1962-1965.

From his early ages, he worked with his father in bulk food business. He developed his trade volume in 1968 and increased it 50-60 million dollars. 

After the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1981, he moved to the capital of Turkey, Ankara. And he planned to go to Switzerland from there. But after the insistence of former Vice President and later President Turgut Özal, he stayed in Turkey and established the company named “Etsun A. Ş.”

Until 1992, he planned to merge its business operations by establishing various companies in United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan in the Middle East.

He established the company named “Intersun Holding” in Dubai in 1994 to unite these companies and coordinate them.

In 1991, he engaged in the export of food products to Azerbaijan and Georgia.

In 1992, he established the branch office of his official company in Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 1994, he had a leading role in the development of Azerbaijan’s industry. In order to wipe out the unemployment, he established the following factories on industrial enterprises:

Oil and margarine factory, 4 canning factories, sugar factory with a volume of 600,000 tons, tea plantation and packaging factory, modern irrigation facility on 4,000 hectares of land, and a sample livestock facility with the cooparation of American EX-IM Bank. Apart from this, he contributed significantly to the economy of the country with business activities like construction, banking and partnership in insurence.

Abdolbari Goozel started oil commerce in Turkey and Iran in 1980.

Since 2002, this activity is limited as carrying the Caspian oil to Georgia by way of oil terminal in Baku and oil terminal in Dubendi.F

There are companies currently engaged in the trade of gasoline and gasoline products in Switzerland and Dubai.

He contributed significantly in the establishment of magnificent constraction sites such as “Park Bulvar Alışveriş ve Eğlence Merkezi”, “Haydar Aliyev Merkezi”, “FlameTowers” and “Şahdağ Turizm Kompleksi”. During the construction of these sites, he co-operated with highly experienced and well-known architects like Zaha Hadid.

His hobbies are opening new working places and ensuring new employment positions to the people. Moreover, he currently has a project to found a fair system between employer and employee. This project focuses on technological-backed studies with international companies to provide contentedness point between capital and workers.

As a part of these studies, he provides fair job opportunities to hard-working people without considering the distinction of nationality, religion and race.

In this context, the people of estimated 14 nations are working currently under a group (Intersun Holding) in Dubai, Switzerland, Ceylon, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan shoulder to shoulder like family members. The total number of permanent workers is 7000, and the number of seasonal workers in the factories is 10,000.

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