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Hayrettin ATMACA

He was born on the 1st January of 1956 as a second child of Nureddin Atmaca and Mahi Atmaca in Kamışlı village, Ağrı.

He studied his primary school in Ceylanlı Köyü İlkokulu and secondary school in Atatürk Ortaokulu. He finished his high school education in Naci Gökçe Lisesi and graduated from this school in 1974.

He married Katibe Atmaca in 1974. His first child was born in December, 1975. He had two sons and three daughters.

He and his family moved to city center of Ağrı from his village in 1979. In the same year, he started his trade life in the shop of white appliances, electronics and furniture with the money which was given by his father Nureddin Atmaca.

Hayrettin Atmaca, who had a successful trade life in Ağrı, became the dealership of AEG brand and other international brands. He was the highest tax payer in Ağrı in 1988.

He decided to run his trade in Istanbul to expand his business and moved to Istanbul with his family in 1988.

Firstly, he started to produce music sets with the brand of Sunny in Okmeydanı in 1989. The production was moved to Bayrampaşa due to the highly demands to products and highly developing business volume in 1994. In the factory located in Bayrampaşa, the production variety increased with the television and satellite receiver, as well as the production of the stereo.

He built the third biggest production capacity electronic facility in Turkey to develop his role in the country and also to contribute the economy of the country in foreign markets.

He aimed continuously invest his gains in his business and country and aimed to increase the domestic production opportunities in the electronics industry day by day. All R&D and production stages from the idea grade to the final product became possible under the brand of Sunny Electronics with the local possibilities and became one of the biggest 500 industrial foundation in Turkey in 2011.

He interested in not only trade successes but also social cooperation. He devoted himself to the country and the homeland. For this reason, Hayrettin Atmaca Eğitim Sağlık ve Teknoloji Foundation was found in 2009 and this foundation keeps serving his country and his hometown Ağrı by this foundation.

Hayrettin Atmaca passed away on 5th March 2013 in Istanbul due to his illness he had struggled for 9 years.

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